(Students unable to go unless on this list)  
List updated 4/3/2017  
See info given at the end of the list
Lname Fname
Abenales Frederick
Adriani Justin
Armstrong Andrew
Bonilla Alexander
Brice Anastasiya
Cantello Brandon
Carlson David
Clement De Grandprey Michael
Damgaard Tommy Agne
Diehl Collin
Donahue Benjamin
Ellman Megan
Harter Sarah
Hogge Aidan
Huerta Matthew
Huff Troy
Jarvis Matt 
Kelly Sean
Kerrigan Kevin
Kirkpatrick Ian
Lara Espinosa Jose
Larsen Elsa
Leffler Alessandra
MacFarlane Jessica
Martinez Aldo
McClellan Tyler
Munroe Shay
O'Connor Erin
Orellana Valeria
Roten Jack
Salazar Mistea
Salin Daniel
Salvia David
Sprague Bryce
Stef Diane
Stef John
Su Jessie
Thorpe Welch
Tsimaratos Ugo
Tuma Shawn
Tutunjian Stephanie
Van Inwegen Cyprus
Winig Christopher

JPL Field Trip Participants:

If you are receiving this email, you are signed up for our JPL Field trip this Friday April 7 (bus leaves at 8 am, and we get back around 5-6 pm).  Be sure to confirm that you are on the list at the end of this email, and that the information shown is correct (exact spelling of your name on your government issued ID).  Be sure to bring your driver's license, and if you are not a US Citizen, then your passport and VISA information.  Also, bring money for lunch, and for spending at the JPL Gift shop (you can buy great presents here for all your instructors....).  If it's going to be sunny, bring a sun hat, sun screen, sun glasses, and comfortable walking shoes (we did have a student pass out and go to the hospital once).  This year the weather report indicates chance of rain and showers, so bring a jacket to wear while we walk around the facility (it's large and we will be outside quite a bit).

Check to be sure your name is on the list at this link:
If for some reason you won't be able to go, please let us know right away.  If you owe money, you can pay either Sean or Erin anytime this week (or bring the money with you on the day of the trip).

Bus leaves at 8 am sharp (so we can arrive on time).  Please plan to be there 15 minutes early!  So, meet at 7:45, and bus rolles at 8 am.  Bus leaves from SBCC by the Earth Science building (near where the bookstore is).

Looking forward to a GREAT trip!!!  this is a "once in a lifetime" opportunity.  Don't forget to set your alarm clock.  Don't miss out!  See you on Friday morning bright and early.
Erin O’Connor (
Dept of Earth & Planetary Sciences
Santa Barbara City College