An important component of your grade in this course is the writing of a research review paper reviewing material on a physics or astronomy related topic. Although you must submit your own paper for grading, you may work with a partner and share material. Your partner may submit a paper on a closely related (but different) topic.  Your papers may be re-distributed for others in the class to review and critique.  When completed, you will make a short 5-minute presentation of your respective topics to your classmates and prepare a poster exhibit.

Your topic must be selected from the list above. If a topic you are interested in is not on the list, let the instructor know.  Papers should be about three to five pages text in length (1,500 to 2,000 words or so), typed, properly referenced, organized, and must include an abstract, citations, and bibliography. You are not limited to length, but quality and content are stressed. At least three sources must be used, one of which must be a magazine article (preferably from a scientific journal or popular science magazine), the second must be an internet source, and the third can be anything you want. You may use books, but only if you already have found current journal and/or internet sources.

Internet sources must be critiqued carefully before drawing information from them for your paper.  The following two sites give valuable guidance in critiquing and determining if the internet source is a valid, viable, and reputable source.

To help you with your research, the SBCC library subscribes to a number of helpful data bases.  Click here for instructions on how to access these SBCC library resources.  Also, be sure to look at the web sites listed to help you with filtered searches and web site evaluation.

A rough draft must be submitted for review by your fellow students.  Be sure to include your sources at the end of the rough draft.

Full credit will only be awarded to those who adhere to the timeline discussed in class.  Class participation is an important component of this assignment.  You will play an interactive role in providing feedback and evaluation of your fellow student's work.