1. To pass the class with a "C" grade or better, what percentage must you attain?
  2. Students may be dropped without warning after they have missed how many classes in a row?  How many classes total?
  3. If you have missed (or will be missing) class, should you call the instructor to let them know?
  4. Are you allowed to make up tests?  If you have missed a test (or will be missing a test), should you call the instructor to let them know?
  5. If you have missed class, what should you do to get class announcements, required assignments, or to go over course material covered that day?
  6. How many tests are you allowed to miss in this course without it hurting your grade?  How many tests are you allowed to make up?
  7. Are tests handed back to you?  Can you review old tests?  Where?  For how long?
  8. As per school guidelines, how many hours should you spend out of class studying for every hour spent in class?
  9. As per school guidelines, if you were a full-time student with 12 units, how many hours a week should you be working on school related activities (class time + study time).
  10. Is there an astronomy lab that goes with this course?  Is it required?  Where is it?
  11. Can you text message during class?  Should your phone be on or off?  Can you use a laptop in class?  Can you eat or drink in class? 
  12. What happens if you have a legitimate medical situation and must miss class (flue, surgery, death in the family, alien abduction, etc)?  When should you contact the instructor if there are extenuating circumstances?