If you have trouble doing the homework--do not despair. Collaborative learning is encouraged! Form study groups, compare answers with others, and work together.  Although you may help each other out -- you must turn in your own individual work. Do not copy down someone else’s solutions. Such activity will be cause for dismissal from the course.

I encourage your participation in the formation of Study Groups where students can work together and help others. I cannot overemphasize the value of collaborative learning with your classmates where you may work together with the help, support, and guidance of each other. Historically, those who participate do considerably better than the rest of the class and often get the highest grades in the course. You may be asked to keep a log of your study time, one hour per week of which you may be encouraged to be with a study group of three or more students from your course.

It is our objective to do everything we can to help you learn the material, to succeed, and to complete the class successfully. Should you need help outside of the resources provided by the class, tutorial services are available.  Check with the instructor for details.