VIDEO ACTIVITY (Best Mind Since Einstein - Richard Feynman):

Credit will be awarded for viewing a video on Richard Feynman, one of the greatest physicists of contemporary times. The video takes a personal look at Feynman’s life, contributions, and untimely death. The video is on reserve at the Learning Resource Center (LRC) in the library. You will need to ask for the "Best Mind Since Einstein" video, on reserve for Earth 101 (call number 9070 - about 60 minutes long). 

You must watch the video at the SBCC Learning Resource Center (LRC) next to the library, and be sure to use YOUR student ID to sign in and sign out (and be sure to watch the full length of the video).  To receive credit, you must sign in and sign out for THIS specific video.  Answer the questions indicated below and submit using Canvas (as per class instructions).  Be sure to submit your own original work.  All materials submitted will be run through our plagiarism detection service. 

LECTURE CREDIT = 7 points (must watch full length of video to receive credit)

Instructions given in class on how to do this.
All extra credit write-ups must be submitted in Canvas within THREE DAYS of activity!

Be sure to sign in and sign out with your student ID - Must watch full length of video (at regular speed).

1. Your Name
2. Your class section 101??
3. Name of the video
4. Day and Date you saw the video at the LRC (must sign in for credit with your student ID)
5. Name of the narrator (or host) of the video.
6. Did the narrator introduce him/herself?
7. Did the narrator present the astronomy material in a clear and logical sequence?
8. Did the video have a good ending (were your questions answered)?
9. Type a short paragraph summary of the video content.
10. Why did you like (or dislike) this video.
11. What is your overall grade for the video content? A, B, C, D, or F
12. Was the staff at the LRC courteous and helpful?