Article Summaries – Astronomy Related Topic 


1 -   Read an article on an astronomy related topic that is pertinent to the topics covered in class (see Topics List).  Article must be at least 1 page long, single spaced.  Stick to current issues that address material beyond the general intro astronomy course.  Sources can be a) newspapers, b) periodicals (scientific journals), c) popular magazines, c) the internet.  Articles must be from reputable news or scientific sources (not blogs, wikipedia, etc), and articles should be “current”, or cover topics currently in the news. 


2 - Include a separate heading at the top of each article summary.  Complete headings must include: Name of the article, author, published date, and the source (NOTE: internet URLs are not the original source).  Use a separate line for each item in the heading.  If one of the items is the heading is unknown, list it as such.


3- Write a summary of the article in your own words.   This should be at least 1 page long (double spaced) - or about 250 words total.  You can check the word count using most any word processor.  You can include short segments in the words of the article author, but the author must be credited with those words, and his/her statement must be in quotations, with a reference.

Optional: You may also include a short statement at the end of your summary about your feelings on this issue or how this issue might relate to your life.


3- Attach the article behind your summary (for long articles, only first 3 pages are required).  (Do not email me your summary. Turn in during class.)




Total points: 10

Well done!


Need fixing

Heading (2 pts- ½ pt each item)

Includes Title(½), Author (½), Date (½), Source. (½)

Missing 1-2 items.

(-½ pt each)

Missing 3-4 items

(-½ pt each)

Appropriate content (2 pts)

Content of article relates to assigned topic, and is astro/physics oriented. (2 pts)

Content is not on topic, or is on topic but not astro/physics related. (1 pts)

Content is not relevant to
topic or other class
material.  (0 pts)

Appropriate length article, article first page included (2 pts)

§  Article is at least 1 page long (single spaced). (1 pt)

§   Article first page attached with summary (1 pts)


Article less than 1 page

long (0 pts)

Article not attached with summary. (0 pts)

Personal Summary (4 pts)

§   Summary in own words. *

§   At least ¾ page long, and complete. (3pts)

§   Summarizes article. (1 pts)

Sketchy summary, or less than ¾ page long (2-3 pts).

Inadequate summary,

less than ¾page long.

(0-1 pt)


*NOTE: You must find and research your article independently. Sharing articles or plagiarizing summaries earns a zero for the assignment, and can result with ejection from the class and a permanent blemish on your official transcript.