Mon 1/14
Wed 1/16
  • ERTH-101 ASTRONOMY LECTURE (Mon/Wed 9:35-10:55 am)
  • This Astronomy class section is full. However, my Tu Night section has room.  See me after class for an add code. I will accept adds through next week. Bring your friends.! Email me for an add code, or just come to class.
  • Students enrolled in this section, but who do not attend, will be dropped to make room for others trying to add.  To keep your spot in this class, you must attend every day (for the full class period).  It is not fair to students trying to add if students who miss class are taking up spots.
  • SYLLABUS & CLASS WEBSITE:  Go over syllabus and class expectations.  Class website at
  • SYLLABUS QUIZ:  Read on-line version of syllabus in preparation for "Syllabus Quiz" to be given in class next week.
  • LECTURE TOPICS:  Will lecture on Feynman Quote (video) and Scientific Method (follow hyperlinks for more info).
  • LECTURE CARDS:  Lecture "kit cards" are due next week.  These are available at the bookstore (from the cashier on the top floor and not from downstairs where the texts are located).  Cost is about $5.
  • ASSIGNED READING:  Read Ch 1 on science and the size and scale of the Universe.  Read Ch 2 on rotation, revolution, seasons, moon phases, eclipses, and ancient Greek astronomy.  Ch 2 is real important and we will focus on this for the next few weeks of class!
  • LUNAR ECLIPSE: Sunday January 20, 7:33 pm to 10:50 pm (Click here for details).
  • FIRST TEST:  Our first test is scheduled for Wed 2/6. This is only a 50 question test.  Scantrons will be provided (you do not need to buy one or bring one).  Our first test will focus on material from Ch 2 on rotation, revolution, moon phases and eclipses, and Ch 3 on the history of astronomy including Kepler's laws and Newton's laws as well as his Universal Law of Gravitation.
  • CRASH COURSE:  Watch the Crash Course videos posted on Canvas and take the associated quizzes.  You can take the quizzes three times and only your highest score will be recorded. 
    You do not need the book, or to subscribe to anything to do these.  You can access them for free on Canvas.  After logging into Pipeline, click on the Canvas tab at the very top.  Once in Canvas, click on Assignments at the left, then you will see a list of Crash Course assignments and due dates.  Watch the videos and answer the questions.
  • SMART WORKS:  Take the interactive problem solving Smart Works quizzes posted on Canvas.  You do NOT need an access code (this semester only). Click here to get instructions on how to get access for free (and don't use the code given to you with your book - you can sell that back to the bookstore).
    You do not need the book, but you do need to subscribe to the system (which you can do with or without a book).  After logging into Pipeline, click on the Canvas tab at the very top.  Once in Canvas, click on Assignments at the left, then scroll down past the Crash Course video assignments and click on the "Smartworks Assignment" link. This one link will take you to the publishers Smartworks companion website. The important thing to remember, is to ALWAYS access this link through Canvas, otherwise the website won't know what class you are in. Don't save the link and go there directly, always log into Canvas first, then click the link. 
    Crash Course due dates are fixed and can not be extended. Although you can watch the video, you can't get credit for the quiz after the due date. Once you are late, you have missed out on these points (sorry). However Smartworks assignments, though due on a specific date, can be taken after the date for partial credit. You lose only 10% of the points each day you wait. So, just do them as soon as you can (even if you are late).
  • HONOR and INTEGRITY:  Be sure to always do your own work.  Do not just get answers from someone else in class.  That would be unfair to your fellow students and defeats the purpose of the multi-attempt learning process.  Always conduct yourselves with honor and integrity with regard to class assignments and with representing your work. 
  • CLICKER QUIZZES:  Next week, your clickers will be registered to you.  Select a seat that will work for you for the remainder of the semester.  Consider distance from the front, lighting, distractions, friends, etc. Once registered, you will not be able to move around (if you want those clicker points).
  • ASTRONOMY CLUB MEETING / PIZZA PARTY:  There will be an Astronomy Club meeting / pizza party on Friday Feb 8.  Only one "official" club meeting per semester.  Come join us to plan out the semester's activities, to get to know your fellow club-mates, and to share your interest in astronomy!  Food, prizes, signups for field trips!  Don't miss out!  Bring your friends.  Free food, drink, prizes, and fun!
  • ASTRONOMY CLUB:  Join our school club (fun people, events, activities, discounts) - Search on Facebook for "SBCC Astronomy 2018-19".
  • ASTRONOMY CLUB "OFFICERS GROUP": For those who wish to get more involved, to help plan events, and to meet weekly. Meetings are usually on Wednesday's 12:30 (though still to be determined). Join us. We meet at the tables outside between the physical science building and the caffeteria.
  • FRED'S LECTURE SLIDE VIDEOS:  Former (emeritus) Professor Fred Marschak put together this series of videos of our class lecture slides to help students study and get caught up if they miss a class.  Many of the same "in-class" slides, animations, and discussion topics can be found in these video clips.  Although not required, these are yet another great study resource.