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Photos of me and my family
(Some "now" versus "then" photos too...)

"Now" (above) versus "then" (below):  I don't see any difference... do you?

My first few years teaching at SBCC.
(You see, I was once young and crazy too...)

Would you take a class from someone looking like this?
(Taken during one of our geology field trips.)

Surfing in Costa Rica.

Surfing in Mexico.

River Rafting in Idaho.

My kids Anya and Kylan (a while ago).

Anya and Kylan with Cousin Dillon (a while ago).

Yosemite!  Vernal Falls.  The Mist Trail.

Suring in Death Valley.
(Not much water...)

Me playing in a band in France Kylan at Soho 4th Grade