Rivana Russo

Thursday Nigh Lecture


Erin O'Connor


Terrestrial Planet Rap

Mercury is the planet closest to the sun,

No one can ever touch it cause you’ll burn your buns, hun.

It has many craters and cliffs,

Maybe aliens have left some hieroglyphs.

Next comes Venus, Earths closest neighbor,

Which has 7,300 miles in diameter er er

After that comes the mighty Earth,

Where all of our mamas gave birth.

It maintains life, and has an active plate movement,

Since the beginning of time, its made much improvement.

After Earth comes Mars, which has very thin atmosphere,

Full of carbon dioxide, it is oh so clear

The largest planet of them all, is Jupiter,

and when you where 5 you heard the saying “Boys go to Jupiter to get more stupider”,

But that is not the case,

It rotates at a very fast pace.

And  it's made of gas, so there's no way those boys could have landed on its mass.

After Jupiter comes Saturn, known for its 3 rings, made of ice particles and rock,

If you tried getting close, boy would if give you a knock

Uranus the planet of 27 moons,

Must have very mystical afternoons.

Last but not least comes Neptune, named after the God of the Ocean,

Anyone that messed with his daughter Ariel would be casted one of his potions.

It's surrounded by at least 13 moons,

Has a bunch of storms, and maybe even typhoons.